Todd’s Asphalt Sealing Inc. (Todd’s Asphalt ) was established in 2004.

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with the highest quality service regardless of the size of the project. That statement is evident by our long list of repeat customers residing throughout western Pennsylvania.

Ethics and integrity are what drive Todd’s Asphalt Sealing and we understand the importance of them when you are considering a contractor for your project.

Whether your needs are large or small contact us today. We are always happy to be of service to our customers from answering the most simple questions about sealcoating your asphalt pavement to providing a detailed free estimate for your pavement sealing & maintenance project.

We offer the following services to protect and maintain your commercial or residential pavement:

  • Asphalt Seal Coating

  • Asphalt Crack Sealing

  • Asphalt Patching/Repair

  • Line Painting, Parking Striping, Pavement Marking

Five points for evaluating any contractor


  1. References. Reputable contractors are happy to provide names of satisfied customers whose job requirements are similar to yours. Call the contractors references and ask them how the work was performed. For additional information on the contractors reputation contact the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Materials. A contractor trained in the performance of various materials has knowledge to select those that are best for your job. Ask for written specifications on materials to be used on your job and why. Use the specifications to compare the type of materials you’re getting for your money.
  3. Equipment. A good contractor needs the right equipment to be neat and efficient. This allows him to complete the job with minimum disruption to you and your property. Ask to see photos of the equipment to be used and/or ask to visit a current job site.
  4. Insurance. The contractor should be willing to show you a certificate of insurance. Having the proper insurance not only protects the contactor but also you in case of a liability claim.
  5. Accountability. After inspecting your job site, your contractor should provide you with a written proposal for the scope of the project details. This includes the area dimensions, materials used and the exact amount it will cost you to complete the project.

With a reputable contractor like Todd's Asphalt there should not be any surprises in procedure, performance or pricing.

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About Todd’s Asphalt

Todd’s Asphalt Sealing is owned and operated by a long standing resident of the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The President of Todd’s Asphalt Sealing Inc. is Todd Shields. Todd is a 1987 graduate of Upper St. Clair High School. His family has been in the asphalt industry since 1921. After graduating from Colorado State University, he moved back to Pennsylvania, to join his family owned asphalt roof and driveway sealer manufacturing company. In 2004, Todd founded Todd’s Asphalt Sealing, to put his knowledge of driveway sealer to work. Todd’s family currently resides in Peters Township.

David McCombe is also a long standing resident of the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Though David grew up in Boston, Massachusetts he moved to Pittsburgh in the early 1970’s and founded Project Enterprises, Inc. The company represents various hoist and crane manufacturers throughout the United States. David also takes pride in his involvement with many volunteering organizations. He is a leader in the local V.F.W. along with his leadership in the organization, he is also involved with many fund raising activities for the Salvation Army and other need based organizations. David and Todd’s formed a partnership in 2005 when David joined Todd’s Asphalt Sealing, Inc. as a sales manager. David and his family currently reside in Peters Township.

Sealing Material Specifications

  • Tar concentrate is the base of our contractor grade sealer. Our tar concentrate exceeds Federal Specification R-P-355e. Tar sealer by its chemical makeup provides protection against gas, oil, kerosene and other harmful chemicals not found in many common sealers.
  • Tarmax R-100 is a latex rubber additive for coal sealer. This additive meets Federal Specification FAA P-625 for sealing airport pavements. This additive improves performance, particularly on heavy traffic surfaces.
  • FSA – Fast Sealing Additive is an additive that improves gas and oil resistance and enhances the flexibility of the sealer. FSA is used when fast drying is demanded by cutting the curing time by 50% or greater.
  • Black Beauty Sand is added directly into our coal tar sealer formula. The addition of sand prolongs the life of the sealer by acting as the first barrier to protecting the sealer from traffic weathering.

Additives are used to modify the sealer for specialized applications. They build viscosity of the coating in order to hold higher amounts of sand and they are also used to quicken drying times. They improve the life of the tensile strength and flexibility of the coating. Though they add an additional expense to our formula, they are considered standard within our contractor grade sealer.

Due to changes in V.O.C. coatings effective January 1, 2006, it is illegal for a contractor to purchase and distribute what are commonly called "oil based" driveway sealers throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  (These are actually ANY sealers or so-called rejuvenators containing solvents)

Why seal coat your asphalt?

  • Protects asphalt surfaces against damaging water erosion, and temperature extremes
  • Protects asphalt degradation by harmful U.V. weathering.
  • Shields asphalt against common attacks by gas, oil, anti freeze and deicing salts.
  • Beautifies asphalt pavement and enhances curb appeal.
  • Increases real estate property value, while reducing maintenance costs for the property owner.
  • Extends asphalt surface life by as much as 300%. Realized cost savings when comparing simple asphalt maintenance to complete asphalt replacement.


As long-time residents of the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Todd and Sales Manage David know how to handle any of your pavement sealing needs from commercial to residential sealcoating. We understand Pennsylvania's pavement and unique weather conditions that affect it; so we can design the perfect sealing solution for your asphalt pavement in the Pittsburgh and surrounding PA area.

Commercial Properties

Todd’s Asphalt understands the distinct needs of the commercial property owner when it comes to asphalt maintenance. We specialize in providing a neat and clean work site from start to finish. Customers select us for our commitment to quality workmanship, honesty and professionalism in completing every asphalt seal coating project.

Todd’s Asphalt works well with complicated schedules and traffic patters. Our flexible scheduling process accommodates the needs of our customers and/or your tenants. We complete every asphalt seal coating project, large or small, with full attention to quality and customer satisfaction.

No other company can compare to our commitment to customer service, our reputation is being built every day on every job, and we know it.

Residential Driveways

An attractive, well maintained driveway can add distinction and value to your property. Visitors frequently form their first impression of your home from the condition of your driveway.
Your driveway can also be a substantial portion of your property's investment and maintenance cost should it be allowed to deteriorate & fail.
You would never think of allowing the wood on your home to go unpainted and unprotected and your asphalt driveway is no different in it's need for protection from the harsh elements.

We specialize in providing a neat and clean application from start to finish. Customers select us for our commitment to quality workmanship, honesty and professionalism in completing every new asphalt seal coating project.

No other company can compare to our commitment to customer service.


MemberlogoTodd's Asphalt  is a proud member of the National Pavement Contractors Association and adheres to their highest standards of performance and customer satisfaction.